• CBSE Affiliation No. 1030693


The school has a well - equipped science room for experiments and activities for the junior classes. The senior school have separate laboratories for different science subjects. Computer and other laboratories are also provided. They are spacious and equipped with all necessary gadgets and equipments of highest standards.

Chemistry Lab:

The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with all the essential equipments needed for the experiments according to syllabus, allowing students to perform practical at a time.

Laboratory has all the chemical compounds, chemical reagents, apparatus like 8 chemical balance, 2 electronic balance, kipp’s apparatus, Bunsen’s burners, burettes, pipettes, conical flasks etc. Reaction charts are also available.

There is also facility to prepare some chemicals in the laboratory like Aspirin, Iodoform, Mohr’s salt etc., through which the students acquire real practical knowledge.

Biology Lab:

The Biology laboratory is spacious having capacity to organize experiments for 25 to 30 students at a time. Around 100 charts are there to assist the students. The laboratory is well equipped containing around 200 plants and animals specimens and models, 10 compound microscope, 7 dissecting microscope for the benefit of students. All the practical related with the syllabus are done by the students taking their individual time under the guidance of their subject teacher.

Physics lab:

Physics laboratory is well equipped & have a capacity to accommodate around 35-40 students. As per the given curriculum all the essential equipments are available to the students to perform practical under the supervision of their subject teacher.

The equipments like P.O.Box potentio meter, tangent galvanometer, deflection magnetometer, different types of batteries, Physical balance etc. are used by the students to understand the topics more easily. The students prepare many modals and projects essential for their study. Recently innovations are done in Physics lab to make it advanced and modern with rest technologies. By Audio-visual aids practicals are made more effective which make student curious about the subject.


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